Choose a home coffee grinder

There are many choices of home-made coffee grinders, so that the drinker can prepare it himself.

There are many kinds of coffee grinders from domestic or imported from China, Taiwan, Europe with brands like Delonghi, Tiross, Kahchan, Melitta Molino … from 520,000 to 2,000,000 VND.

Based on the principle of operation of the coffee grinder, it can be divided into three categories: gear milling machine, blender machine and hand grinder.


Blender with blade

The most convenient machine, the speed of grinding quickly, grinding as long as coffee beans smooth. The machine is as compact as a blender, consisting of a compartment, an electric motor and a stainless steel blade, sturdy and durable. When grinding, pour the coffee beans into the compartment, cover and press the button, depending on the fineness of the coffee time to hold the push button.

Due to the crushing of coffee beans by cutting, the size of the coffee beans is sometimes uneven, in addition to being restricted when taking coffee from the bottom of the knife. However, due to the speed of the blender is very suitable for busy people, the price is also cheaper than the gear grinder.

This grinder also can be used to grind hard nuts such as beans, corn, black sesame, rice or spices. Note do not use for grinding, food too hard or exceed the maximum capacity.


Gear grinder

The most expensive machine, the most expensive price in the coffee grinder. Grinder by gears, grinded coffee by smashing the grain should be uniform, do not lose the smell of coffee when grinding. The machine can adjust the smoothness by adjusting the gears at multiple levels. There are usually two separate boxes of coffee beans and coffee powder. The machine automatically switches off when the coffee reaches the desired level.

However, the inconvenience of this blender is that it must be periodically rinsed, cleaning the coffee grips in the hole. The machine is also not suitable for use in flavored coffee, due to the sticky taste, which affects later ground coffee, especially coffee is not incense.

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Manual grinder

Most of the machines are made of wood, cast iron castings, design diverse, beautiful, can be used as decorative objects, suitable for nostalgic people. The machine only grinds small amounts of coffee, or carries travel. The machine is simple, consisting of a grinding disc, a cup of coffee beans to grind above and a cup of ground coffee powder, grinding wheels and gear wheels, tightening gear, coffee grinds Smooth and uniform in size by fixing the grinding disc.


This coffee grinder produces low heat due to slow friction so it does not spoil the coffee flavor. However, the machine is not suitable for busy people because the amount of coffee to grind less, it takes a lot of time.

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