Elkay sinks and faucets the perfect solution for tough environments

Many commercial environments require durable products that can withstand frequent use, rough handling and even vandalism. To help save time and money on costly maintenance, repairs and replacement, it’s important to choose high-quality equipment that is well suited for its environment. Elkay Mfg. offers a wide range of commercial products that are built tough for even the most high-traffic schools, institutions, hospitals, factories and restaurants.

For each commercial setting, Elkay provides a variety of durable sink and faucet options to meet the specific functional needs of that location. When choosing a sink and faucet for a high-traffic commercial setting, there are several important factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that you are choosing the right sink to solve the challenges of your commercial space.

When selecting a sink, focus on its material type, gauge, shape, depth, sound suppression and surface finish to ensure you are investing in a quality product that can withstand its environment. Stainless steel is the professional’s choice because it does not crack, chip or discolor–making it ideal for areas susceptible to damage from mishandling and rigorous use. Stainless steel also is easy to clean and highly resistant to rust and corrosion, so it maintains its appearance over time.

Commercial stainless steel sinks should be created from a steel with a low gauge number, because the lower the number, the thicker the steel. Elkay offers 14-gauge and 16-gauge sinks, which are often recommended for high-traffic commercial settings and are thick enough to resist damage from vandals or heavy equipment.

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Another factor to consider when selecting a commercial sink is sound-deadening insulation. This is an essential feature if the kitchen is part of an open floor plan, such as certain restaurant settings or cafeterias. A sink bottom that is insulated with comprehensive undercoating and sound-absorbing pads reduces noise, providing a more pleasant environment for both the employees and visitors within the facility.

The finish should be chosen based on the intended appearance of the sink, the prominence of the location and the extent of its utilization. For example, Elkay’s lustrous satin finish is ideal for hiding scratches incurred from day-today use. The finish also is quickly repaired should any deep scratches occur, making it ideal for commercial settings that are prone to damage and require an attractive appearance.

Mishandling and heavy traffic are not only hard on your sink, they can harm your faucets as well. Several features to look for when selecting a faucet are solid brass construction, chrome finish and a quarter-turn ceramic disc cartridge. Built for rigorous use, Elkay faucets include all of these features and are precision-manufactured for trouble-free service.

Elkay faucets also have spouts that include vandal-resistant aerators and low-flow inserts. Since the aerator is the component most prone to vandalism and is critical for controlling the water flow from the faucet, these models help conserve water and save money by ensuring that the aerator stays intact.

Additionally, Elkay’s commercial sinks and faucets feature long-term warranties, first-rate customer service and on-time delivery guarantees.

The combination of quality and long-lasting durability make Elkay’s commercial sinks and faucets the ideal solution for even the most high-traffic commercial applications. For more information about Elkay commercial sinks and faucets, visit elkayusa.com or call Elkay customer service at 630-572-3192.

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