Faucets are the most frequently used in home appliances, so they need to be durable, have the necessary functions, are convenient, keep the shine beautiful, and easy to repair, rather. so Here’s how to choose a dishwasher for the kitchen.

Types of dishwashers

When selecting a dishwasher, the user needs to determine the need and the cost of investing in the appliance. If you do not want to pay more than 200 – 500,000 for a tap, then you can choose a cold hose, if you want a tap for hot water, you can choose hot and cold water tap, there are two types. Integrate both cold and hot water pipes for manual or automatic blending. The more expensive automatic hot water faucets have their own settings, so homeowners can limit the amount of hot water, provide a reasonable level of hot water, avoid burns due to overheating and protect children. em.


Toto, Inax, Caesar, Viglacera, Kangaroo, Eco, Deashin, and many other home appliance and faucet companies are available. Other advanced import such as: Fagor, Malloca, Teka, Bosch, Faber ..

Different hose materials

Currently there are many types of faucets designed for the kitchen with a variety of materials such as stainless steel, copper, nickel plated, chrome, ceramic … So choose a faucet suitable for sink and pulse space. Round the kitchen to create the harmony and usefulness needed.

Flexible rotation

Swingers are very necessary for the sink. Long, flexible hose to control the height or position of the hose is very convenient for kitchen work. The fixed hose is suitable only for small sinks. The 90 °, 180 ° or 360 ° rotating faucets are great for large sinks.

Determine the height of the hose

Kitchen faucets come in a variety of sizes, depending on their needs, which are more durable and luxurious, but they do not change the height.

If you regularly use hoses to wash large objects, or higher than ordinary items such as vases, bottles, etc., you definitely need a hose high enough or can be replaced. flexible height adjustment.

Equipped with filters or not

For savings, a filter can be added to the nozzle to reduce water consumption by 50%. When the water needs to flow strong, remove the filter, the water will return as fast as normal. Not only that, the high quality water filters have 3, 4 level filters also have the ability to filter toxic substances, chlorine, heavy metals in water.

Note when used

Do not pour tea, sinks, chemical acid in the use of pots, washers because they will affect the surface of the sink.If you see in the sewer system a lot of folding and twisting Poor, in essence, is to avoid the smell of gas coming out of the mouth. When you use it, you may be concerned about the obstruction of the pot, in which case it is advisable to remove the garbage can, rubbish and clean it regularly.

The hose is very rare in case of trouble. But it is important to note that the tap is only rotated from left to right and vice versa in a permissible aperture, without turning, hitting the hose upwards or downwards, causing the hose to rotate and rotate. ooze.

In the process of use if the water is weak, check the water supply system of the hose at the bottom of the pot for folding, check the water supply and valve system. It is also possible to remove the filter at the nozzle tip and to clean it if the sieve has many residues.

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