How to use Blender simply and efficiently

How to use Blender how to effective and lasting not everyone knows. The article below will guide you to use Blender correctly and high efficiency, let’s Choose the Standard Purchase discover me!

Texture Blender

The texture of a blender consists of two parts are: body and millstone, the two parts are connected with each other by connecting blocks or lace to help consumers easily removable. Of which: Body machine: most are made from the material is plastic. The outside consists of the control buttons, a slot the heat and rubber lining pieces with slip-resistant purposes. The inside cover (important parts of the Blender), circuit system, disk drives, …


Mincer parts are made from high grade glass material or plastic antibodies, including: the blade grinder is made of stainless steel or stainless steel, millstone, 1 lid, 1 stirring rod with 1 piece rubber washers to prevent water leaks.

How to differentiate the type of Blender

Dry grinding, wet: This Blender is pretty much consumer choice with 2 simple functions is just the dry grind can just can grind wet. Hand blender Blender types: compact design, easy-to-use and convenient special move very flexible. This machine type is currently gaining popularity on the market.


Multifunction Blender: this machine line supports many functions in the same product. Some of the prominent features such as: Blender, juice and have the ability to beat eggs, … This type will be supported and the blade comes to suit every different uses should also quite convenient.

How to use Blender

How to use Blender is also pretty simple to do each step listed below, you just need to track is done right.

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Step 1: Rinse chopped raw materials

First, with regard to the types of fruits such as strawberries, ua, ch. c. à coconut after buying about then you conduct small cut them out, cut form of the pomegranate seeds. With vegetables such as: CENTELLA or aromatic vegetables then you must cut into the short.

Step 2: For materials on Grist

Before starting to grind the material then you must insert the full parts fit together. Select the appropriate blade shape with each type of food. Then set up air grinders. Then proceed to grind materials into mortar and add a little milk or water into the mortar, how spices depending on your preference, and then cover.


Step 3: proceed to grind

Step 4: Draw your posters after the grind

After you have finished grinding then you turn off the machine by unplugging the power plug and the 0 button.

But note that when using the Blender

  • Before for mills
  • Should not use the Blender to grind the meat, only use the Blender to grind the fruit and the vegetables.
  • Before the garbage you must check that the parts are mounted together or joint.
  • Absolutely not for machine operation when in the mortars have not had food.
  • While the machine is grinding
  • Food processor with just enough volume, accounting for about 2/3 air capacity.
  • The downside of the Blender is operating too hot will very 30s. So you should limit to air continuous operation, must be time for a break.
  • After you have finished grinding
  • Do not use hand for on millstone to avoid danger.
  • After off you must wait for your cool new course start cleaning.
  • To the potty easier then after grinding is completed then you should give water to soak, the toilet is easier.

How sanitary the Blender

After you finish using conducting sanitary blender. Hygiene is also simple.

Use a soft rag to have laced a little water wash turn cleaning parts such as mortars, lid. With the mortar you can use chopsticks with matching towel to clean. After it has finished cleaning use a clean towel to wipe again, done bring the parts in a dry airy place over. Through a number of simple steps you have easy hygiene is blender.

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On this Purchase Standard just guide you how to use Blender philips, also with the use of Blender Sunhouse, Panasonic, Kangaroo or the type of garbage is also similar. You can apply to help Blender is more durable. Have suggestions then please leave in the comment section below, we will answer!

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