Top 3 handheld Blender under 1 million compact that housewives should buy

The advent of the kitchen appliances such as blenders, hand-held Blender, microwave … was brought to the sisters a housewife cooking than optimal solution. If the multifunction blender was too familiar of how life in the family, then the handheld Blender only appeared in recent years also are occupying gradually the Favorites thanks to modern features and compact design. Top 3 Blender compact handheld under 1 million here is going to be great candidate for you when purchasing.

1. Panasonic handheld Blender MX-GS1WRA

Blender portable Panasonic MX-GS1WRA compact design, you can easily hang the device on the wall to keep the kitchen counters are always tidy. Panasonic is also equipped for product control feature 1 touch, meaning you only need to pick up the hand, machine will stop the operation and turn off the source of utmost convenience. The machine has a capacity of 600W, 2 straight blade and 2 curved blade makes quick and effective mix. You will not spend a lot of time and still have delicious and nutritious smoothies to enjoy.

2. handheld Blender Philips HR1600/00

The system remove the 2 buttons are fitted on the handheld Blender Philips HR1600/00 help users unleash the bar mill, easy and convenient, saves time when restroom equipment. Besides that, Philips Blender also owns modern Promix technology. With this technology, you’ll have to surprise before the ability to operate quickly, achieving maximum performance for food soft and smooth.

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3. hand blender Braun MQ3000 Smoothie

Braun hand blender MQ3000 Smoothie owns top grind 6 foot, bell-shaped twisted along the blade stainless steel super hard knife blade into non-food products helps efficiently without splashing, optimization of efficiency when grinding. At the same time, 2 speed blender is integrated to do double usability of the Blender, you can adjust the roller speed match with just one hand. A cups 600 ml capacity fitted more help making the food more easily.

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