Use vitamix blender to make vegetable juice

Can the juice be used to make the juice? This is also a common question among beginners who are familiar with juice, and have not had a press. My answer is no. But of course it is also an option. However, I will analyze below for you to decide.


As you know, the basic juice is the water that separates from the vegetables, leaving the insoluble fiber. The problem is how you take that part of the water.

Of course, the press is specialized in this task.

Looking back on ancient methods of juice philosophy:

The Essene Jewish vegetarian diet records the combination of pomegranates and figs for “abundant power” from the 150’s. This may be the first indication of the use of fruits and vegetables for healing.

Ancient Ayurvedic healing methods also use aloe vera, or orange juice mixed with salt to prevent fatigue and squeeze grapes and beets to replenish blood.

There are also historical records of the use of spices, herbs and fruits to extract water for healing and beauty (for example, grinding, pressing juice from herbs and The leaves are used as a mortar and then put the residue in a cloth bag.


After this, we have a blender. Then to the press.

These two machines offer two different juices because of two different methods. Can not say which one is better. Just that they are different.

As I mentioned many times about the difference between Xay and Squeeze.

Squeezing is the juice of fresh vegetables, do not retain the raw, the fiber is not soluble, no seeds, no flesh. The basic is liquid. To make such a juice we need a press.

Blend is to use both flesh, fiber, water, all the ingredients to grind it until it becomes liquid to drink. When you grind soft ingredients, and add other ingredients besides vegetables, it is a smoothie. When you grind only vegetables, like juice, you get a more liquid form. You consider it as a juice with fiber. But I do not call it juice, but should call it the name of vitamins.


So, to answer the question “Can I use a blender to make juice?”:

With special presses, you get more nutritious pure juice with the same amount of ingredients compared to the blender. Because with a recipe that you want to use with the blender, you must always add water. The principle of grinding is to have water or many fruits.

In addition, not all ingredients are pressed well, and vice versa. For example, vegetables are easy to squeeze, but grinding is not certain (for example, pumpkin, sweet potatoes want to grind, then ripen soft), and soft fruits such as mango, banana, avocado It is not pressed but just grind (soft too press machine, not splitting water).

Can be: by grinding the material with the filtered water, then filter the pulp through the bucket, or filter through the sieve. The juice from the blender is not pure from the press, because you have to add new water to grind while pressing, no need to add water, we get water from the vegetable itself. Not to mention the heat generation process in the milling machine’s operation.

The principle of operation of the mill is to rotate the blade thousands of rings per minute to grind raw materials, this process can not avoid generating heat. So they usually have to grind the rocks to have a cooler. Even people can make hot soup from the blender after blending for 4-5 minutes

If you keep the residue without filtering, you have vitamins.

So: I do not recommend using the blender to make juice. It’s the wrong purpose of two different types of machines for two different drinks. However, grinders are more common, more families, with no crushers or more vitamins, can be smoothies or juices according to taste, and the way Great for replenishing green vegetables for daily use.

I use both. 2. Pressing and grinding machines are two devices I use regularly every day, an integral part. And I like both vegetable juices and smoothies.

Do you know which one is better? Is there a need to choose? Are not. Just choose them both. Just drink both types. Drink plenty. Hey guys!

Of course I still prefer juice with a press machine than haha. Juice from the slow press for most NGON juice, the most potent. Try squeezing 5 carrots and grinding 5 carrots and water. You will see why you like the real juice and why you should use the press. The juice from the blender will give you completely inferior quality, even if you use Vitamix to smoothie juice.

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