Vitamix Drink Advance 110V

Have you ever thought about being able to do everything from smoothies to shakes with just one machine? The Vitamix Drink Machine Advance 110V is a powerful tool for you to enrich your beverage with your grits.

Vitamix-Drink-Advance 110V


  • Brand: VITAMIX
  • Made in: USA
  • Model: Vitamix Drink Machine Advance
  • Power: 1400W
  • Voltage: 110V / 50Hz
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 23cm x 20cm x 46cm (Long, Wide, High)
  • Weight: 5.9 Kg
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Sales area: Nationwide

Vitamix-Drink-Advance 110V-

Advance Vitamix blends everything

32 oz. Mortar is a special point designed to give you the necessary cold and softness possible in your drink. On the small mouth of the mortar reduces the rate of outflow of the finished product when you pour into the glass

Programs are optimized

Six optimized programs and an on / off function will help you select the best quality and best-in-class grinds.

Vitamix-Drink-Advance 110V-1

Stuffed Features

The Stuffing feature allows you to remix the ingredients again to create the perfect drink that is required in your recipe.

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Motor 2-HP

The powerful motor near 2HP will crush the ingredients in the blink of an eye and give you excellent ice-cream or ice-cream dishes.

Vitamix-Drink-Advance 110V-2

Note: The current version of the Vitamix Drink Machine Advance 220V. However, the version of the Vitamix Drink Machine Advance 110V has the same features as the 220V line with significantly lower price, which is suitable for small and medium restaurants and cafes. Therefore, you need to note and distinguish the product line to achieve the highest investment efficiency, cost savings business.

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