Vitamix Drink Machine Advance

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Drink Machine Advance (6 speed) – The industrial blender cafe take away should own

The most popular drinks today are ground coffee or smoothies. In order to grind large quantities of beverages continuously for a long time, industrial blenders are a prerequisite. That’s why when it comes to big coffee chains in Vietnam such as Starbucks, Highlands, The Coffee House, there is the presence of Vitamix blender – the industry’s best blender brand.

  1. Powerful blender motor

Drink Machine Advance is a product designed specifically for Vitamix’s affordable cold drink processing. The machine has a powerful two-horse engine, which easily grinds granules and large amounts of material in a short time into smooth fins.

Even if you have to grind continuously for hours, the motor cooling fan will help reduce heat, ensuring the performance of the machine. Drinks to customers will always be assured of fast time and consistent quality.

  1. Grinder and grinder are durable

Vitamix Drink Machine Advance blender


The blender should be rubbed daily with ice cubes that are easy to crack. Glass material is heavy and fragile, normal plastic is scratched and cracked. Advance knives are Vitamix’s latest innovation. The mortar is made of synthetic polycarbonate fiber, which is lightweight and durable.

The shape of Vitamix Advance mortar is also more special. The 3-sided design creates a rounded vortex of suction against the blades, increasing the mixing efficiency. Wide mouth, easy to drink, limited spillage.

Vitamix Drink Machine Advance blender

The Advance knife is designed to be large, double the size of a regular blade. This blade is made from very light and sharp industrial laser cutting. As a result, cutting hard materials like ice or fruit is more effective.


Vitamix blades have two rounds of bearings (other brands have only 1). In the long run, the mortar is only a quick round of bearings, and the motor’s motor will malfunction. In addition, to save money on the user, Vitamix Drink Machine Advance can be easily removed from the mortar for replacement. Users will not need to spend the cost of buying other mortar when the knife, very economical.

  1. There are different mixing speeds

Diverse menu is required at the cafe today. The Vitamix Drink Machine Advance has 1 pulse button and 6 different grinding speeds controlled by the knob. As a result, the bartender easily creates a variety of drinks with different texture, maximum support for creativity.

The machine can automatically stop after the milling is finished, help ease the pressure when the restaurant crowded.


  1. Easy to clean

No need to use scraps. With Vitamix DMA, just a few drops of water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, the strongest mixing mode is on, the powerful whirlpool eliminates all dirt in seconds. Cleaning and maintenance of the machine is always easy.

  1. Warranty 3 years

Vitamix Drink Machine Advance is guaranteed for 3 years. Very few blenders get this great warranty. So, great coffee chains such as The Coffee House, Highlands Coffee, Starbucks, Viva Star, Urban Stations, Les Jours Tour and many other reputable companies believe in using the Vitamix blender.

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