Vitamix USA Mills Should buy any kind of cafe take away

Vitamix USA mills are popular in Vietnamese market, including 4 types from general to advanced, including: Vitamix Drink Machine 2-speed: The basic blender line with 2 pre-programmed grinders. 2 horsepower engine. See prices here.

Vitamix Drink Machine Advance 6-speed: 2-speed more versatile 2-speed blender with 6 milling speed, automatic stop when finished. Advance knives and mortars are available for grinding, 2 horsepower motorcycles. See prices here.

Vitamix Vita Prep 3: A specialized feed mill for restaurant with 10 adjustable grinding speeds. The machine also has support beams for hard food processing. 3 horsepower motor. See prices here.


Vitamix The Quiet One: Vitamix’s high-performance industrial blender with the world’s quietest certified. Especially, 34 preset programs (variable) and 93 different milling speeds. Simple programmable modification outside the key sequence, which can change the grinding time and motor speed is a great thing the user can find in this machine. 3 horsepower motor, accompanied by the machine also has anti-noise box. See prices here.

Looking at the general summary, it can be seen that the functions of these products are quite distinct. Which one is best for your upcoming take-out cafe needs? Let’s take a closer look. Here, Procaffe only mentioned 3 Vitamix 2-speed, 6-speed and The Quiet One milling machines.

Vitamix milling machine

As shown above, Vitamix Drink Machine 2 speed grinder is different from Drink Machine Advance and TQO. 2-speed uses the basic Vitamix universal mill, while 6-speed and The Quiet One use Advance mortars.


The Advance three-way mortar is made from a composite material that is a highly durable carbon composite. When the mixture of beverage from the blender jar and into the mortar will be turned back to the grinder, forming the spin to help drink more quickly and efficiently. The deep and square palatal structure also supports fast pouring of the texture and restricts the drooping around.

Vitamix grinder

Along with the mortar, so 2-speed knives are also usually four-sided. Meanwhile, the Vitamix Drink Machine Advance and The Quiet One are equipped with an advanced cutting knife. Features of this knife is only two edges are designed to cut, cut faster and stronger.

The Vitamix grinder features a longer life span than any other brand. Why? The reason is in the double ring bearings. The other knife has only one round of silver bullets, when the operation is hot faster than to affect the motor, tissue deterioration and deterioration.

Meanwhile, with 2 special rounds of ammunition, the Vitamix Advance grinding mill works with high performance and is much more durable, very economical. On the other hand, Vitamix knives are removable from the mill. So, when the blades are worn out, just replace the blender knives without buying a new one, saving you 2 times.


Should you buy Vitamix Drink Machine 2-speed or Vitamix Drink Machine Advance 6-speed?

With a difference of over 2 million, you may have seen the difference between a 2-speed and an advanced 6-speed blender. If the cafe is small and the budget is limited, Vitamix Drink Machine 2-speed can meet the basic needs of grinding as ground coffee, smoothie with 2 milling speed, still ensure the performance. Highly active thanks to the powerful 2HP motor system.

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If you want to improve and more convenient in the preparation, crowded and diverse in the drinks menu, select Vitamix Drink Machine Advance. This machine has 6 milling speed, 2HP motor and automatic shutdown – will save quite time for staff to receive free food order. Currently, The Coffee  House chain, Phuc Long is using this machine.


And the Vitamix The Quiet One, the question is why spend double the amount of 6 speed machine just to buy the machine running smoothly, is really too expensive and unnecessary? Ask the opposite question, why Starbucks high-end coffee system or recently Highlands Coffee has to replace all old DMA machines to equip the Vitamix The Quiet One at their mixing station.

Features of the Vitamix Blender The Quiet One

Improve the quality of service for the coffee shop.

The crowded coffee shop is the wish of every investor. However, the problem is that these cafes are quite noisy if the space is not large enough (blenders, coffee grinders, coffee machines operate at the same time). Staff can hardly advise clients, customers do not have coffee space, chat with friends relax, too noisy. So the blender smoothly operates like a whisper (59-68dB) is definitely a perfect choice.


Assist the R & D team to develop unlimited formulas, bring new and unique drinks, bold brand identity.

Vitamix The Quiet One is not just about running smoothly. The engine has a powerful 3 horsepower. Outside the keypad, six preset buttons in a set of 34 different blending programs can be customized by the world’s leading barista recipe maker. And the re-installation of these programs can be done directly at the key sequence of external operations, no memory card, no need for computer trouble. The preparation is fast and accurate, much more convenient.

The most advanced mixing program

In addition, the machine has 93 different mixing speeds (remember, 2-speed only 2 and 6-speed only 6). And above all, this super-advanced machine can also change the motor’s SPEED (VARIABLE SPEED) and WAVE TIME to suit different drinks. Specifically, when grinding ice cubes, the motor starts to slow down to break the rock and then accelerate gradually to smooth the drink. Depending on the drinker’s configuration, the barista can install many speed / time details to fit in the same program.

For example, the milling program for mixed coffee drinks: Initially, the accelerator reaches low LOW (25%), gradually increasing to MED (50%), then HIGH (100%). For shake hard to mix, it will initially accelerate to MED-HIGH highs (80%), down to medium (51%), then gradually to HIGH (100%).


This function is not available in the Vitamix Drink Machine Advance, and in the Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 it must be manually controlled (10 speeds). Vitamix The Quiet One has manual controls for motor speed. Thanks to these keys, bartender easily develop new formula.


Hopefully the price information, comparing the specific features of each Vitamix blender can help you choose the blender for your shop. As an importer – distributor of the Vitamix blender brand in Vietnam, Procaffe is always available to answer any questions as well as provide quality products and quality to the buyer.

Note when buying a Vitamix mill

At present, there is a cheap Vitamix mill using 110V or a 3-pin plug. This is a floating item, of unknown origin and will not be applied to genuine warranty. Procaffe distributes only genuine Vitamix products imported to Vietnam market, 220V, French plug and genuine warranty up to 3 years.


In addition to the warranty, Procaffe also has the perfect after-sales service for this type of industrial blender:

  • Checking, consulting and using the toilet properly to help extend the life of the machine.
  • Consultation formulation.
  • Install a new beverage fit program.
  • Maintenance, replacement of genuine Vitamix spare parts at affordable prices.

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